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Experiences Not To Miss When Visiting Matangi: Part I

People who visit Fiji often describe it as paradise. Sometimes, it seems like there are so many things to do that it can be hard to know where to start.

To help you think about your visit to us here at Matangi Private Island Resort, here is a list of experiences not to miss when visiting Matangi:

For gourmets who are visiting us here at Matangi, we’re please to say that we offer excellent, out-of-the-ordinary cuisine. In our Val-Ni-Kana Dining Room, guests will be able to try local delicacies like taro, breadfruit and fresh fish. Be sure to take in a Lovoa traditional Fijian feast in which food is cooked in an underground, leaf-lined pit.

Nature lovers who pay us a visit would be remiss if they did not go on a rainforest hike. Fiji is home to animals, plants and birds that are found nowhere else on earth. Furthermore, it’s a sad reality that rainforests in other countries are vanishing. That makes experiencing our unspoiled forests all the more rare and interesting.

Be sure to stop by our spa and try out a traditional Fijian ‘Bobo’ massage. This technique involves using a rich blend of exotic oils and a firm hand to increase circulation; work out kinks, aches and pains; and induce relaxation. It’s followed up by the application of a warm poultice of traditional Fijian herbs.

These are only three of the things you simply must experience for yourself when you visit us here at Matangi. We have many more, but we’ll have to put those in a second installment of this post. Check back with this blog soon!

To start planning your visit to Matangi Private Island Resort, feel free to contact usWe’d love to hear from you!