Fiji Activities

Our stunning tropical setting, lush rainforest interior, white sand beaches and pristine coral reefs provide the perfect back-drop for many activities including snorkeling, scuba diving, sailing, kayaking, stand-up paddle boarding, fishing, hiking, cultural village tours, and excursions to waterfalls and a pearl farm on neighbouring islands. A variety of complimentary and paid activities is available for you to explore our unique 240-acre private island paradise and our beautiful surroundings.

Complimentary Activities

Snorkelling The fringing reefs that surround Matangi are truly pristine and teeming with marine life. To ensure that you experience the best snorkeling available, we offer guided complimentary snorkeling excursions daily to these fringing reefs taking into account the day’s tidal movements and prevailing weather conditions. Experience exceptional seascapes filled with varied examples of tropical marine life, including hard and soft corals, butterfly fish, angelfish, damselfish, anthias, moray eels, parrotfish, wrasses, sea turtles, sharks and stingrays.

Kayaking Slice through our warm turquoise waters with an easy stroke from your paddle as you glide over untouched fringing reef, abundant marine life and take in the rugged volcanic beauty of Matangi’s landscape. Single and double kayaks are available for your use during your stay.

Stand-up Paddle Boarding Stand-up paddle boarding is not only a great way to stay in shape while on your vacation, it is also a fun way to explore Matangi’s stunning coastline. Stand-up paddle boards are available for your use during your stay.

Matangi Bush Hike & Coastal Walk With lowland rain forest and beaches right at your doorstep, Matangi island’s natural splendour is breathtaking. The island’s verdant vegetation is home to many native bird species, including the Orange Dove (Chrysoenas victor) and Fiji Parrot Finch (Erythrura pealii). A natural path will take you up to a classic view of Horseshoe Bay; this trek takes approximately one hour. You can also take a morning saunter along the coast route to watch the sun spill over the ocean at dawn. Both trails afford extraordinary views of vegetation and fauna found on Matangi island.

Village Tour – Qamea island Visit a Fijian village on the neighbouring island of Qamea and slip into our Fijian way of life. Enjoy the warm hospitality of the locals and observe everyday village life. During the school terms, we also visit the village school. Though sometimes shy; the school children are always curious and are happy to chat with you. Our village tour is offered once a week. A small contribution from you of FJ$10 per person is required to go towards the village community fund.

Island tour Explore Matangi’s stunning coastline with an easy and relaxing tour via boat. Your guide will point out interesting features along the way, including beautiful Horseshoe Bay which featured in the book ‘1,000 Places To See Before You Die’ by Patricia Schultz. You may also see some mountain goats resting on the island’s rugged volcanic rock faces warming themselves in the sun.

Calypso Catamaran sailing Our south-East trade-winds, which prevail during our winter months (May to November) make sailing a great delight. Feel the warm tropical sun on your face and the wind in your hair; let the prevailing South East trade-winds fill your sail and embark on your private nautical adventure.

Volleyball Join the Activities Crew in the afternoons for a fun game of volleyball ‘island-style’. Our fun afternoon volleyball games offer you the opportunity to interact with our staff and other guests. Whether you are a sports enthusiast or sideline fan, you are sure to have a “net” gain of fun!

Coconut Show Once a week our Activities Crew hosts a unique Coconut Show. For at least 4,000 years, the Coconut Tree and its Fronds have been a useful and important staple for Pacific Cultures. This special tree is known to have many uses, from it roots to its tips (leaves), from culinary to non-culinary. In fact, in the South Pacific, it is considered as the “Tree of Life”!

Kava Session Once a week our Activities Crew hosts a yaqona session. Kava, also known as yaqona, is an infusion prepared from the root of Piper methysticum, a type of pepper plant. It is extremely important in Fijian culture and in the old days was used ceremonially by chiefs and priests only. Today, kava is a part of daily life; not only in Fijian villages but across the many races in Fiji. It is used for welcoming, bonding and for traditional story-telling sessions.

Sunday Church Service – Qamea island The Christin religion was established in Fiji in 1838. Along with the Fijian chiefly system, the Church forms a key part of Fiji’s social structure. Fijian church services are renowned for their harmonious song. Interested guests are invited to Togo Village on the neighbouring island of Qamea, for either their Catholic or Methodist Services, which are held in the Fijian language.

Qamea Island Guided Trek Once a week our Activities Crew offer a guided trek on the neighbouring island of Qamea. This exciting trek combined with breathtaking scenery offers a fascinating insight into the culture of the Fijian people. Your guide will point out areas of interest and explain many aspects of the Fijian culture. You will trek through the lush rainforest, working plantations and local settlements, where you can view indigenous flora, bird life, enjoy scenic lookouts and stunning natural scenery. While this is not a hazardous hike, some level of fitness is required to enjoy this quest.

Hand-line Fishing  Hand-line fishing is the most common form of fishing in the islands. A small hand real with 30lb line is used for fish up to 5lbs. Coral Trout, Trevally, Barracuda and Reef Snapper are the most commonly fish caught with hand-lines. Handle-line fishing is confined within the parameters of the island.

Non Complimentary Activities

Horseshoe Bay Picnic There isn’t anything quite like a romantic picnic in the breathtaking Horseshoe Bay. Listed in ‘1,000 Places To See Before You Die’ by Patricia Schultz, Horseshoe Bay is situated on the untouched western coast of Matangi island and is only accessible by boat. Picnic in your waterfront beach Bure, surrounded by lush tropical foliage and the most picturesque turquoise ocean views.

Light Tackle Sport Fishing Owing to the topography of the seabed off Matangi and neighbouring islands; remarkable fighting fish like Giant Trevally, Yellowfin, Dogtooth, Skipjack and Wahoo are plentiful. Light tackle sport fishing boat charters are available. Deep sea game fishing is not available at Matangi island. Saltwater fly fishing is available but anglers are required to bring their own gear.

Civa Pearl Farm & Tavoro Waterfall Tour – Taveuni island Join us for a one-of-a-kind tour that will acquaint you with Taveuni’s abundant natural environment. Civa Pearl Farm located in beautiful Vurevure Bay, on the eastern side of Taveuni island, offers visitors a unique glimpse into aqaculture. On the guided two-hour tour you are able to snorkel around the pearl beds, where the oysters are hung from line growing to their desired size. Loose black pearls are available for sale at the farm. As the spectacular Tavoro Waterlls are in the same vicinity, our tour to the Civa Pearl Farm is combined with the waterfall tour. Situated in the 15,000 hectare Bouma National Heritage Park, the guided 3-hour return hike starts out with a ten minute walk to the first waterfall and then continues to a series of switchbacks past gorgeous panoramic views to the second falls. Occasionally you must cross over a creek but there is a rope to help navigate the rocks. The trek up to the second falls entails some serious grades but it is not strenuous and an individual in good health will have no problem. Swimming in these pristine surroundings is simply epic! After your hike enjoy a packed lunch beneath an open canyon amid different species of Fijian flora and fauna. Minimum four persons required.

Scuba Diving The reefs off Matangi have superb diving with a great choice of sites offering the underwater scenery that made Fiji famous: excellent underwater visibility, warm water temperatures, walls, caves, soft and hard corals, reef fish and pelagic fish. Scuba diving is arranged daily from our Activities Bure. Divers are required to produce a dive certification card prior to diving with us. A typical dive day is a 2-tank morning dive, with the boat departing Matangi island after breakfast; with a surface interval done between the dives either on the boat, or a deserted beach then returning to the island for lunch. To ensure the best dive experience, dive sites are selected according to daily tidal movements and prevailing weather conditions. Matangi Private Island Resort is a proud member of the PADI International Resort Association. Dive packages are available for diving that is pre-booked and pre-paid prior to arriving at the Resort. Ask your preferred Travel Agent or send us an e-mail for more information. Nitrox diving is not available at Matangi.

Somosomo Strait Dive Day Trip Remotely situated 20 miles (32km) west of Matangi; along the southeast coast of Vanua Levu, The Rainbow Reef, in the Somosomo Strait represents spectacular tropical diving. This barrier reef structure stretching over 3 miles (4.8km) is continually fed by micro-organisms washed in by the currents. The Somosomo Strait almost single-handedly earns Fiji its tile as the “Soft Coral Capital of the World”. Diving in the Somosomo Strait is weather permitting. Minimum of four divers is required.

Lavena Coastal Walk – Taveuni island If you are looking for a bit of adventure that’s definitely off the beaten track, then look no further!  This tour is a 4-hour return walk down the scenic Lavena coastline, along a well maintained trail, several rest stops with benches and picnic table strategically placed in the shade; ending with two incredible waterfalls. Along the way you can enjoy the various coastal habitats, sand beaches, rocky shores, and estuarine mangroves. There are no roads that go to where the coastal trail leads; in fact the only other way to explore the far south-eastern side of Taveuni is by boat!

Waitabu Marine Park – Taveuni island Located on Taveuni island, Waitabu Marine Reserve was established by seven Taveuni village communities in 1998. This was done to protect their coral reefs for future generations; a ‘tabu’ or no-take reserve was set up to replenish marine life and fish stocks, as well as introduce snorkel tourism and environmental education. The Park offers two 2-hour guided tours; the Cultural Experience Tour which is a guided snorkeling excursion on a ‘bilibili’ or traditional bamboo raft, with refreshments and local entertainment or the Backpackers Tour, which is a guided snorkeling trip on a powered skiff.

180 degree Meridian & Waitavala Waterslide Tour – Taveuni island One of Taveuni island’s most unique and long standing attractions is that it is dissected by the 180 Meridian, because of this Taveuni is one of only five places in the world where you live your two days in one! The international Dateline was adapted to keep the isles within one time zone. On the same coastline is the Waitavala Water slide, a cascading series of small natural water-slides that the Taveuni locals like to use. The Waitavala water-slide is a natual slippery dip ride over large polished rocks, where the lava has been smoothed by the water and with a slight covering of moss, which allows you to slalom down quite easily. The water-slide is located in a rainforest setting that is as picturesque as well as thrilling.