Fiji Private Island

The Fiji Group of Islands is made up of 332 islands in the South-West Pacific Ocean scattered over an area of 18,736 square kilometres. The majority of islands in the Fiji Group, are volcanic in origin Matangi Island included. Situated 16°44 South 179° West in the North-East part of the Fiji Group, our exclusive privately owned Fiji private island is a 240-acre unique horseshoe-shaped island paradise, boasts virgin tropical rainforest, white sand beaches, volcanic rock faces rising from crystal clear waters and fringing coral reefs where a great diversity of marine life abounds. Matangi Island’s Horseshoe Bay, listed in “1000 Places To See Before You Die” by Patricia Schultz, is a haven for honeymooners and romantics. The South Pacific Islands enjoy a tropical climate throughout the year. Summer months are between December – April with average temperatures:

  • Air 73˚F – 86˚F or 23˚C – 30°C and
  • Water 80˚F – 84˚F or 27˚C – 29°C.

Winter months are between May – November with average temperatures:

  • Air 68˚F -79˚F or 20˚C – 26°C and
  • Water 77˚F – 80˚F or 25˚C- 27°C.

Light cotton clothing is suitable all year round with a light sweater recommended for the cooler evenings during our winter months. For scuba divers, Fiji’s warm tropical waters eliminate the need for heavy wet suits. Useful Links: