For centuries Pacific Islanders have known about the therapeutic benefits the ocean has to offer and the hydrating and healing properties of virgin coconut oil. Bush herbs, wild flowers and oils extracted from exotic nuts revered for their healing properties found their place in the daily grooming and beauty regimes of men and women through out the Pacific Islands. Only a sacred few possessed the special gift of massage believed to pass through the bloodlines of only those regarded as natural healers.

Fiji Spa Matangi Island “I simply drifted away to the reef.  Again experiencing yesterday’s turtles and pristine corals, as I drifted by.  “Heavenly” was the first word that came to mind during a Earth Sea Salt Scrub at the new seaside Matangi Spa! My massage therapist Ursula is nothing short of amazing! Slightly out of character for the middle of a massage, I found myself praying in thanks for this amazing experience. An oil massage, a salt scrub, then over to the custom carved mahogany shower table, and back to the massage table once again for more massage. I thoroughly enjoyed the scent of the Algologie product line. It’s a French product made from a base of seaweed.”

Our treatments intertwine traditional Fijian massage and authentically crafted Fijian therapeutic rituals with today’s purest products and proven techniques to offer you a unique Fijian spa experience.

Our Ocean Spa situated on the water’s edge offers two couples treatment rooms, one with Vichy styled tropical rain shower and a lounge and over-water deck perfect for some rest and relaxation after your treatments.