Nature Matangi Island

With lowland rainforest and beaches right at your doorstep, Matangi island’s natural splendour is breathtaking. The island’s verdant vegetation is home to many native bird species, including the Orange Dove (Chrysoenas victor) and the Fiji Parrot Finch (Erythrura pealii). A large colony of Fruit Bats can also be found in Horseshoe Bay. These impressive large flying creatures are often sighted at dusk when they come out in search of fruit found amongst the island’s lush vegetation. A smaller variety of bat that feed on insect at night can be found in caves at the entrance to Horseshoe Bay on the northern side of the island.

The island’s natural coastal path and volcanic ridge-top trail allows you to explore the island on foot. The ridge top hiking trail offers you the opportunity to view the whole island from higher vantage points. Amongst the many interesting native flora, you will find Cycad Palms, living fossils that are an endangered plant species, on Matangi’s rocky ridge-top. Guided walks and hikes offer you the opportunity to learn of the many and varied uses that the native Fijians have for the plants found in the rain forest from medicines to food, and materials for the construction of their traditional homes called ‘bures’.

Once a former working plantation, the island is also home to mountain goats, cattle, horses, pigs and wild fowl.

The island’s underwater world is just as stunning as above water. The pristine fringing reefs that surround Matangi are teeming with marine life. Exceptional seascapes filled with varied examples of tropical marine life, including hard and soft corals, butterfly fish, angelfish, damselfish, anthias, moray eels, parrotfish, wrasses, sea turtles, sharks and stingrays. Our daily, guided complimentary snorkeling excursions allow you to explore these amazing reef systems to your hearts content.

The island’s manicured gardens in the Resort area are filled with many varieties of interesting and colourful tropical plants that grow profusely in the fertile volcanic soils and favourable climate. A variety of fruit trees including papaya, avocado, banana, mango, lime and soursop provide the Resort’s kitchen with an assortment of organically grown fruit. The Resort’s own Aquaponics garden also provides a variety of organically grown fresh vegetables.