Scuba Diving

Matangi is the most centrally located of all Fiji’s northern island resorts to the exceptional scuba diving sites that Fiji is famous for. Within a 20-mile radius of Matangi Island are countless dive sites including the world famous Great White Wall and Noel’s Wall. To ensure the best diving experience, dive sites are chosen according to daily tidal movements and prevailing weather conditions.

Our daily dive programme includes two morning tanks. We also offer prepaid 3 day/6 tank and 5 day/10 tank dive packages. For more information please contact your preferred Travel Agent or Matangi Private Island Resort directly on

Scuba divers are required to produce a dive certification card prior to diving with us.

Our dive boat departs Matangi Island daily around 8:30 am and returns to the island for lunch. Day trips to the more remote sites in the Somosomo Strait can be arranged with a minimum of four divers. A fuel surcharge applies due to the distance of the dive sites from Matangi island. However, to ensure the best dive experience at these sites, the trip is dictated by daily tidal movements, prevailing weather conditions and your diving skills.

Diving at Matangi is both diverse and exciting. Numerous off-shore reefs, spectacular coral formations including multitudes of hard and soft corals and plummeting walls provide a unique habitat for a rich and vibrant marine life.

Matangi Private Island Resort is proud to be a member of the PADI International Resort Association.