Fiji Luxury Spa - Matangi Private Island



Matangi Island’s New Concept Ocean Spa opened in 2011 offering a unique spa experience with only you in mind, offering treatments to inspire relaxation, restoration of Energy, Spirit and Health.

Fiji Spa Matangi Island “I simply drifted away to the reef.  Again experiencing yesterday’s turtles and pristine corals, as I drifted by.  “Heavenly” was the first word that came to mind during a Earth Sea Salt Scrub at the new seaside Matangi Spa! My massage therapist Ursula is nothing short of amazing! Slightly out of character for the middle of a massage, I found myself praying in thanks for this amazing experience. An oil massage, a salt scrub, then over to the custom carved mahogany shower table, and back to the massage table once again for more massage. I thoroughly enjoyed the scent of the Agologie product line. It’s a French product made from a base of seaweed.”

Influenced and inspired by our traditional Fijian healing methods only passed onto the royal woman of our tribes, our Fiji luxury spa will leave you wanting more as we continue the healing experience while in our care.

Our Therapists have been chosen for their Royal hands and healing spirit along with extensive training to give you the most luxurious facial and body therapies for your individual skin and body needs. Our Spa Experience offers you the cultural foundation of Organic Plant and Marine derived therapies with the traditional Hands on Healing Massage known as the ‘Fijian Bobo’.

A must for all Visitors! We offer the most advanced Facial Therapies from Organic Fruit Acids and Vitamin Therapies through to Intensive Anti-Oxidant and Botox like Treatments for those requiring increased tonicity and firming. All Treatments have you nurtured in the healing hands of your traditional Therapist, restoring your energies, inner peace and health. Gentlemen and Gentlewoman alike are invited to initiate themselves with our Spa Packages offering more than just the Paradise Island Experience.

Pre-book your Spa Package so we can prepare for your arrival!